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R & D Strength

RoadRover possesses independent research and manufacturing capability of planning, developing, molding and production.


Technical Patents

By the end of 2016, RoadRover owns 351 technical staffs accounting for 30.5% of total staff. The company holds: 

● 143 vaild authorized patents 

12 patents for invention

● 11 utility patents

120 appearance patents

● 74 copyrights of computer software

Key Technologies

 Customized and personalized technology of in-vehicle navigation software running interface 

 Starting time technology of system start-up

 Platform system adaptation technology of original car agreement

 Delay-based acoustic field correction technology

 Double radio tuner-based Multipath noise suppression technology

 Car models CAN bus analysis tool

 LVDS HD screen display technology

 Vehicle voice talkback technology

 Beidou/GPS dual mode navigation technology application

 Vehicle 4G LTE technology

 FCW and LDW technology

 360 degree 3D panorama technology