• There are no station for the radio

    The signal is bad or there is some disturbance-----------Driving away from those area The antenna of radio is not connect well---------------------Re-plug the radio antenna The hardware of circuit is defective----------------------------For this issue,it needs the professional person to check the circuit

  • The map can not be running

    Navigation path is not correct --------------Reset up the path(Menu-options-System-Navigator Path) The files of map are damaged-------------Re-copy the map files The SD card is defective--------------------Replace another SD card with map

  • The opposite side can not hear when he be called by the bluetooth

    The macthing is not well ----------------Rematch The microphone is defective------------Replace the microphone The software is missing-----------------Update the device

  • The MP3/MP4 can not be play

    The format of those files are not be stand by------------------Change the different format of the files The software be losing-------------------Update the device

  • There is no video for the back camera

    There is no 12 voltage of the Reverse cable----------------Reconnect the "Reverse"cable and measure the voltage The camera is defective-------------------Replace the camera

  • The SD card can not be loading

    The SD card is defective------------------Replace it The SD slot is defective-------------------Let professional person replace the SD card slot The cable connected with SD card is loosen-----------------For this issue, let professional person to re-fasten The hardware circuit is defective---------------------------------For this issue,let professional person to check the circuit.

  • The disk can not be read

    There is dust on the laser head or the laser head is defective-------Clean the laser head or replace it Please check the disk is defective or not-----------------------------------Change another disk to check The hardware circuit is defective----------------------------------------------For this issue,let professional person to check the circuit

  • The touch screen is not work properly

    There are something on the face of touch screen or the protective film is stick so fasten---------Please tear off the protective film,remove the foreign substance,then enter to the calibration interface to calibrate The touch screen is defective--------------------------Replace the touch screen The hardware circuit is defective----------------------For this issue,let professional person to check the circuit.

  • The color and brightness of the display is not normal or too light or too dark

    The setting of OSD is not adjust well----------------You can adjust the OSD setting to appropriate options

  • No signal of GPS

    There is no 3.3 of voltage output from the GPS plug----------It needs to replace the GPS module.