Xter Series

  • 6-Core processor

    Improve the CPU performance significantly and provide powerful 3D map effect ,high-quality graphics acceleration, HD video decompression capabilities, faster and more convenient.

  • E-link&Mirror cast

    Support more than 100 android phone models and continuously updated.Support Screen Mirror,Share Internet and Video Play functions,you can enjoy music,video and also play games,etc..

  • Efficient&Rapid charging for smart phone

    Support rapid charging for smart phone from the device via USB, and the charging speed is 50% faster than normal circumstances,keeping you always stay in efficiency.

  • Voice Control

    Realize hands-free operation while driving. Support multiple languages, such as English, Russian, Portuguese etc.,meeting the diverse language needs.Talk with the multimedia system and command it to do any operations for you.

  • Dual Zone Entertainment

    While you and the front passenger listen to the radio and use the navigation system, the rear seat passengers can watch a DVD or TV from headrest monitor.

  • 5.1channel real mode&10 bands EQ

    Support 5.1 channel Pre-output to meet user’s requirements for the installation of external amplifier.Use the high-performance DSP processors to transmit and process the digital sound signal,making the sound more realistic and fresh,which provides you with diverse sound effects.