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RoadRover brings intelligent driving solutions in HK Electronics Fair 2018

   |   2018-04-19

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 had kicked off on April 13. As the largest and the tradable strongest event, about 3500 exhibitors converge to the global trade buyers to show the latest electronic products and various kinds of artificial intelligence technology, had attracted buyers from 138 countries and regions to visit procurement. RoadRover as a global automotive electronics solution supplier, providing car informatization, intelligent integrated service and intelligent travel solutions. RoadRover displayed the latest auto electronic technology and products for OEM project, becoming a focus in the event.


Concise and generous, the booth is full of science and technology feelings.


Based on the product development orientation of intelligent driving comprehensive supplier, RoadRover shows products around three topics direction of smart connected, security upgrades and entertainment comfortable upgrades. RoadRover shows vehicle smart cockpit related technologies and products with intelligent travel experience.


Digital Instrument Cluster for OEM market.



T-BOX for vehicle network solution will gradually fall into the overseas market.



Safe driving products, innovation makes driving safer.



The Power Tailgate System made by RoadRover based on the OEM standard has realized the arrival of the OEM project at home and abroad, it is still attracting the attention of many customers in the exhibition.



The customers from overseas market are very concerned about the vehicle comfort and entertainment experience. The smart in-vehicle entertainment system still has huge potential in the OEM market. As a forthgoer in the field of domestic smart in-vehicle entertainment system products, RoadRover develop continuous technological innovation, bring better experience to the driver in the vehicle information, comfortable entertainment and other various aspects. During the exhibition, RoadRover attracted a lot of customer's attention and enquiry.


RoadRover has the leading OEM production and R&D capability with has rich experience in providing automotive electronic solutions for well-known Automobile enterprise. In this exhibition, through a series of OEM high standard products, RoadRover boost its confidence and determination of OEM project strategy at home and abroad, share the technology in trend of intelligent cockpit to the customers from all over the world, and also discuss with the customer the importance of market changing and innovation of science and technology. In the future, RoadRover will adhere to innovation, as the source for the development of technology. Following the car electrification, the trend of the era of information, intelligent comprehensive advancement, RoadRover are becoming a leading supplier of smart driving, vehicle networking and other related products.

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