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RoadRover Launches at INAPA 2017

   |   2017-04-07

The ASEAN's largest international auto parts, accessories and equip exhibition (INAPA) 2017, was held for four days from March 29 to April 1, in Indonesia. This year marked the first participation of RoadRover, meaning we take Indonesia as a significant market to promote and further develop overseas market.

With theme of “Global Tier One Automotive Electronics Solution Supplier”, RoadRover exhibited its products ranging from infotainment systems to automotive electronic products. For IVI on display, RoadRover brought its latest products focusing on both before market and after market. For automotive electronic products on display, advanced technologies are showcased including power tailgate system, headrest, U-Mirror, etc.






Find out what’s new and noteworthy of RoadRover at INAPA 2017.




As a new launched product, MARS III features premium sound quality and modular design with OS of Android 6.0. It comes with unique tailored experience of 360-degree camera, ADAS, DVR, etc.




MX Plus II series are exhibited as highlights of after market head unit, equipped with ultra-big screen and function extension(TMC, DAB+, external MIC etc.). Better heat dissipation featured and power socket can be replaced according to different models. For the vertical screen system, it enables user to view and control original information using splitscreen display. All info in one gives you easy operation.




RoadRover power tailgate system is a smart tailgate with humanized design to achieve multifunction like height-setting, automatic soft-close, multi-way control etc. It is equipped with premium materials, superior quality and long working life to bring elegant lifestyle.


About RoadRover

RoadRover is a technology-driven company that offers automotive electronic products and solutions for global car manufacturers, aiming to be the market-leading solution provider of automotive informatization, intelligentization and smart travel.

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